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Method of transport ČO,PPL,DPD 300 CZK The price of transport outside the Czech Republic can be agreed with the seller Point of Sale:: ČR, Praha

Oil on hardboard, framed, signed lower left.
Dimensions: 77x38cm.
Original state

Pavel Kadeřábek \ r \ nPainter born in 1944 in Prague. The painter - landscape painter found inspiration in the Vysočina region, abroad and also in Smržovka, where he exhibited his works several times. He lived in Smržovka. He painted Smržovka, around Svratka, but also, for example, Tuscany, Tunis, Spain and others. He has been drawing and working in art since 1965, the most common subject of his paintings was landscape, inspired by themes from life, painted still lifes with bouquets and portraits, used these materials and techniques - oil, graphics, drypoint, watercolors, gum arabic, and he also engaged in art experiments. Pavel Kadeřábek followed in the footsteps of his predecessor, the founder of the Czech Landscape School, which includes painters who drew ideas from the Vysočina region, such as František Kaván, Antonín Slavíček and many others. In 1971, Pavel moved to Svratka, and in addition to the muse, a new environment brought him the friendship of the local landscape painter Karel Blažíček. Pavel Kadeřábek was also a great friend of Vladimír Komárek, the Jablonec painter Pokorný and the painter Vysočina Němec. He had a strong friendship with actors Ladislav Frej and Věra Galatíková, who admired his work. Pavel Kadeřábek has exhibited many times abroad and countless times in our country. You can find his paintings in private collections in England, Germany, France, Holland, Canada and the USA. He created about 7,500 works in his lifetime. He died in 2009 in Svratka.

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